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Robert August
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Robert August Surf Company
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Robert August had his life all planned out.His goal was simple. Graduate from Huntington Beach High School, where he was student body president, then go to a top-notch university to become a dentist. This profession appealed to him because he'd make big bucks and could arrange appointments around his surf schedule.So when he got a call from friend and filmmaker Bruce Brown, who had an idea about traveling the world in October 1963 to seek out unknown waves in remote areas, August's first reaction was "no way."The next day, after surfing Trestles, August stopped by Brown's office in Dana Point - where a map of the world showed all the potential stops during this dream adventure. It wasn't just to nearby Hawaii or Mexico, where August had already explored through the years. Brown had his sights set on places like New Zealand, Tahiti, Africa and so on."We're going to see the world," Brown told August. "I said, 'Wow'. We weren't just going to go and catch a few waves and come home. It's a big deal."He'd have to talk it over with his folks."Are you out of your mind?" his parents said to him. "Go. You can always go to school. This will be the best education you'll ever get."This month marks 50 years since August boarded the plane for that trip with fellow surfer Mike Hynson and budding filmmaker Brown. They had no idea what they were in for, or how their adventure would inspire a worldwide audience that would be captivated by footage and this little known phenomenon called surfing in their film "The Endless Summer" after it finally gained wide release in 1966.For the complete Bio, Go to the Bio Credit LinkFor Robert August, 'Endless Summer' lives on 50 years later

For the complete biography, go to: For Robert August, ‘Endless Summer’ lives on 50 years later

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