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Mike Hynson
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Encenitas CA
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Swaggering American surfer and surfboard shaper/designer from San Diego, California; costar of the 1966 crossover hit The Endless Summer, and creator of the popular Gordon &amp; Smith–produced "red fin" signature model.<br><br>Hynson was born (1942) in Crescent City, California, the son of a career navy man. He spent his early years moving back and forth between Hawaii and the mainland, before settling down with his family in the mid-'50s in San Diego's Pacific Beach, where he began surfing. Nimble and athletic, Hynson quickly became one of the area's best riders; surfing Hawaii for the first time in late 1961, he was one of the first to ride Pipeline on Oahu's North Shore.

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Mike Hynson, Co-Star of 'The Endless Summer,' Resurfaces With Tales of the Brotherhood