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For: Gary Linden
Inductee Name
Gary Linden
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Oceanside, California
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Phone 760-722-8956 Fax 760-722-8972 email
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Linden Surfboards
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Gary Linden has built an entire life around surfing with extraordinary results. From the early days of shaping surfboards to the recent organization of the Big Wave World Tour, his career has been nothing short of legendary. He has been an avid Baja traveler for nearly five decades and a standout at the big wave spot known as Killers off the coast of Ensenada since 1985. His love for surfing is unparalleled, and now in his sixties he is still paddling into waves that guys half his age try to avoid. Recently we caught up with Gary at his surf shop/shaping factory in Oceanside to talk about his surfing history, traveling to Baja and riding big waves.Go to at the link below for the full bio.

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65-year-old Gary Linden rides Jaws


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