International Surfboard Builders Hall Of Fame Inductee Details
For: Dave Sweet
Inductee Name
Dave Sweet
Event Year
Inductee Location
15243 La Cruz Drive #1375 Pacific Palisades CA, 90272
Inductee Contact
Deceased May 18, 2015
Inductee Brand
Inductee Boardshop
Dave Sweet Surfboards
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Inductee Bio

Any discussion of the evolution of surfboard design would be severely lacking without the inclusion of Dave Sweet surfboards. dave Sweet began building wood surfboards in 1946 and eventually opened Dave Sweet Surfboards in 1956 in Santa Monica, California.

 Dave Sweet, the founder/owner of Dave Sweet surfboards, was the first to produce the modern polyurethane foam surfboards. while many people have thought Hobie Alter of Hobie Surfboards was the first to produce the polyurathane foam surfboard, most surf historians now agree that Dave Sweet was the first; quickly followed by Hobie.

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Dave Sweet dies at 86; father of the modern foam surfboard

The Prince of Foam Rest in peace, Dave Sweet, 1928-2015