International Surfboard Builders Hall Of Fame Inductee Details
For: Bob Pearson
Inductee Name
Bob Pearson
Event Year
Inductee Location
2324 Mission St.?? Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Inductee Contact
(831) 423-8286
Inductee Brand
Inductee Boardshop
Pearson Arrow Surfboards
Boardshop Link
Inductee Bio

Bob started surfing in Santa Cruz, California in 1964. Within a few years he was shaping boards for himself and friends. In 1973 Bob moved to Australia for a few years and then to Hawaii. In 1976 Bob moved back to Santa Cruz, opened Arrow Surf & Sport and Arrow Surf products (the factory) and was surfing the Pro Circuit. In 1976 Bob was rated the #2 pro surfer in the mainland United States.

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