International Surfboard Builders Hall Of Fame Inductee Details
For: Tony Channin
Inductee Name
Tony Channin
Event Year
Inductee Location
Encinitas, CA 92024
Inductee Contact
(760) 753-7989
Inductee Brand
Inductee Boardshop
Channin Surfboards
Boardshop Link
Inductee Bio

Tony is the founder of Channin Surfboards and a pioneer in the surfing industry.

Tony Channin established Channin Surfboards in 1970 with one goal in mind: to build the most beautiful, highest quality boards achievable. 30 years later and Channin Surfboards continue to develop and adopt new technologies, such as computerized shaping machines, exotic new resins and fabrics, plus innovative tools to enhance quality and efficiency.

Today, Channin is proud to announce its partnership with Surftech and introduce its first four Tuflite models, the 72 and 90 Channin models and the 72 and 90 Siren women’s models.

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