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For: Terry Martin
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Terry Martin
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Dana Point California
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In 2012 Martin, 74, died of melanoma.
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Quiet and persevering Southern California surfboard shaper, credited with making roughly 1,200 boards every year between 1963 and 2012. Martin was born (1937) and raised in San Diego County, California, began surfing at age 12, and shaped his first boar - a balsa/ redwood laminate - that same year. He spent most of his long career working for Hobie Surfboards and Stewart Surfboards, and has made boards for David Nuuhiwa, Bill Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, Wayne Bartholomew, Shaun Tomson, and Mark Foo, among others.

In 1965, on a lark, Martin shaped a 16-foot by 31-inch board - at that point the largest board ever made. Nine surfers were able to ride it at the same time.

Martin was named to Surfer magazine's "Shaper's Hall of Fame" in 2012. It was estimated that he'd made 80,000 boards over the previous six decades. That same year, Martin, 74, died of melanoma.

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