International Surfboard Builders Hall Of Fame Inductee Details
For: Pat Morgan
Inductee Name
Pat Morgan
Event Year
Inductee Location
Rainbow Bay Queensland, Australia
Inductee Contact
Phone: Torquay 612 720
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Inductee Boardshop
Pat Morgan Surfboards
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Inductee Bio

Pat Morgan started work as a cabinet maker at 14 years old. Started surfing at 16 on a 16ft toothpick timber board.Then went on to make several timber boards in 1959.
Pat started production shaping for George Rice surfboards in 1964 shaped 8 boards a day for the 6 months of summer. Rice surfboards was located in Melbourne 60 miles from the surf . In 1966 Pat moved to Torquay and started Pat Morgan Surfboards.
The business built up to a steady 10 to 20 boards a week. Pats boards were being ridden by the champions of the sport Wayne Lynch. Nat Young. The long clean lines and shallow fins on Pats shapes were perfect for the big west coast waves they suited the long clean walls of Bells and Winki. Pat was always experimenting with new models and these models were well sought after.
Victoria has consistently large surf and Pats boards were best suited to big waves. Pat was a revolutionary trail blazer who was not scared to experiment with his surfboard shapes and he was responsible for the development of the keel fin board.These boards were designed to do long bottom turns under white water essential to making the long walled waves at Bells Beach.Pats boards had a unique three green circles logo and they are well sought after today as collectables.
Pat now lives in Rainbow Bay Queensland and surfs every day still riding tapered boards. His current quiver includes 11ft 12ft and 14ft surfboards and 10ft standup board.

For the complete biography, go to: Autobiography - Pat Morgan November 2015

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