International Surfboard Builders Hall Of Fame Inductee Details
For: Johnny Rice
Inductee Name
Johnny Rice
Event Year
Inductee Location
Santa Cruz California
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Inductee Boardshop
Johnny Rice Custom Surfboards
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Inductee Bio

Growing up as a kid in Santa Cruz, California, Johnny has been surfing waves practically all his life. In 1949, he bought his first surfboard, 'The Octopus,' from big wave rider and now author, Fred Van Dyke. He thoroughly learned about the science of waves and wave riding through time in the Coast Guard and personal travels that brought him to places such as Florida, Brazil, and Hawaii where he worked as a 'Beach Boy' in Waikiki. Chasing waves and living a self-proclaimed gypsy lifestyle, Johnny has been blessed to be able to surf some of the finest waves around the world.

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