International Surfboard Builders Hall Of Fame Inductee Details
For: Joe Quigg
Inductee Name
Joe Quigg
Event Year
Inductee Location
North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Inductee Contact (808) 277-0114
Inductee Brand
Inductee Boardshop
Quigg Sufrboards
Boardshop Link
Inductee Bio

Joe Quigg A great shaper that worked closely with Bob Simmons. His contributions helped Simmons to build some of the first lightweight fibreglass boards. Joe Quigg, with the help of Matt Kivlin and others went on to create the Malibu board, which helped popularise surfing throughout the 1950's. He is also said to have invented the first glassed on fin in 1946. That same year he designed the first pintail surfboard, specifically designed to attack Hawaii's big waves. A great, inspirational and revolutionary board shaper.

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Thanks to: 1963 photo by LeRoy Grannis for the photo


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