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For: Greg McDonagh
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Greg McDonagh
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Manley N.S.W. Australia
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Greg McDonagh is a hard-working, thinly-thatched bachelor of Brookvale, Sydney, and has been a board addict since he learned to swim at the age of fifteen. He pioneered the construction of boards in Australia from a foamed plastic core. He built first his own hollow marine ply board and was forced into the industry because there was no one to make the newer Malibu-type boards in Australia.
From a shed on the sand at Freshwater (Harbord) Beach, 6 feet tall, wide- shouldered, brown-haired McDonagh has progressed to a factory supplying boards in all Australian States. His business is flourishing so well office work is taking him away from the factory and surf more than he would like.
McDonagh's designs are the results of extensive tests by leading surfers over the past five years. He is constantly experimenting with board and fin shapes. McDonagh was one of the first to work on strengthening the early malibus, a joined balsa-wood plank, covered with a layer of fibreglass cloth. Today he believes Australian boards are a model of strength, lightweight buoyancy and speed.

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Thanks to: Pacific Longboarder Magazine volume thirteen number one pg 44 for the photo


Pacific Longboarder Magazine back issue volume thirteen number one