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Fred Wardy
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When Fred Wardy was about 15 years old, his father would take him and his brothers to the beach at Malibu. They had one large, heavy surfboard that they would take turns riding. He enjoyed the sport and finally moved to the beach in the Malibu area where he started making surfboards. One day he was talking to John Severson about surfing films when John mentioned the good response in the Pasadena area. Wardy thought this over and opened a shop in Pasadena, which worked out very well for him. His favorite surfing spots are Trestles, Malibu, and St. Anns. When we asked him his favorite surf size and type of waves, he was very much to the point "Just good waves!"
Wardy enjoys surfing purely as a sport, which is what it is. Surfing can get out of perspective. Some kids think it is a complete way of life. They should take it like any other sport then go do the other things important for a full life." Wardy plans to continue building surfboards. He has had teaching experience and perhaps may go back into that someday. He thinks that "Surfing is finally coming into its own as and accepted sport, recognized not only in Southern California and Hawaii, but throughout the United States and other countries. I believe it will remain as such and continue to grow as long as there are sports-conscious people with leisure time."

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