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Known as 'The Hawk'. Dale Velzy was a legendary surfboard designer and boardsports retail pioneer, who helped launch the surf market and popularize the sport in the early 1950's. Dale was the first to open a surf shop, brand boards, brand promotional clothing and sponsor a female surfer. Quite impressive!

Dale started out as an excellent surfer, but Dale also had a great talent for shaping boards and an even better knowledge of marketing. In 1949 he opened the world's first surf shop called 'Velzy Surfboards' under the Manhattan Beach Pier. He did so with another famous shaper named Hap Jacobs, and the two formed a great partnership. Jacobs would later continue on his own under 'Jacobs Surfboards'. By the mid 50's Velzy had a chain of surf shops in Southern California and Hawaii. He also had his own surf team, which Miki Dora rode for. This a trend that is commonly seen today with brands like Quiksilver, O'Neill etc.

Dale's phenomenal knowledge of marketing and the power of the media saw his company being the largest surfboard brand in the world by the end of the 80's. Unfortunately later problems with the IRS brought his empire to an end - woops!

Dale sadly died recently after a long battle with lung cancer aged 77. Dale Velzy is one of the most respected men in the surfing world and a key figure in surf history.

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