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For: Bud Gardner
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Bud Gardner
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Melbourne Beach, Florida
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2010 inductee to the east coast surfing hall of fame Bud Gardner - FL - The definitive 60's South Florida board builder; Bud was the first viable custom surfboard maker from the Miami area. He is responsible for shaping thousands of custom and stock surfboards using his truly unique style throughout his 40-year career. Known for complex and exotic longboards using both his shaping, glassing and artistic talents. Bud treated his craft as a true art form and it showed in his prolific career. In addition to surfboard building, he is an accomplished artist, sculptor and journalist. Much of his artwork is currently on display in several public buildings in his town. He continues his surfing/shaping journey currently residing in Melbourne Beach.

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Bud Gardner Surfboards - since May 6th, 1966 ON Youtube