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For: Bob McTavish
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Bob McTavish
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Byron Bay, Australia
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Ph: +61 2 6680 8807 Email:
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McTavish Surfboards
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Born 1944
Shaped first board balsa 1958
Began in Sydney surfboard industry 1962 sander then shaper
Stowed away to Hawaii surfed Sunset for 5 weeks 1963
Moved to shape near Noosa 1964 developed Involvement shape
Returned to Sydney to make shorter boards called Plastic Machines 1967
Took first deep vees to Sunset and Honolua Bay Dec 1967
Shaped my personal best board at Morey Popes and surfed Rincon for weeks 1968
Moved back to Byron Bay/Lennox Head to continue shortboard development 1968
Moved to Angourie 1969 back to Hawaii and California
Moved to Noosa, met wife Lynn, 1970
Moved to Lennox Head/Byron Bay 1972--till now. Raised 5 kids. Never stopped shaping
Heavy into windsurfing 1978
Started Pro Circuit Boards moulded epoxy copies of pro's boards 1986 broke by 1991
Got heavy into revitalized longboarding 1992
Moved to present factory 1998 still shaping regularly in Byron, Bali, and Spain. All kinds of shapes.

Autobiography by Bob McTavish November 2016

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